About Us

5 years ago, we took an idea and ran hard and fast with it and made a game we could be proud of. It has been some turmultous years, but Frank and I are trying to get back in the saddle again and get an expansion to Lomby Zombie out there in time for Halloween.

The original product was imagined by two friends Frank Taylor and John Goewert. After concepting the idea, we contracted in a great artist, Paul Dozier. Within a few months, we took our creation to fruition, ordering in 1000 pieces of dice,  1000 plastic stands, and enough ink paper and laminate to hand-make 50 copies of the game.

After ordering in an equal number of Tshirts, we hit the 2005 Archon in St. Louis and did gangbuster sales (of Tshirts, we only sold 2 copies of the game). Not giving up, we went to the web and were able to gain some popularity and see our creation achieve success.

A few years later, we went back and created a print-and-play version of the game that has brought more interest that we hope continues on.