Lomby Zombie is a 2 to 7 players frantically attempt to explore and board up a house before being surrounded and devoured by the living dead. Now, players must take to the cities and defend high rise office buildings from the shamblers.Friendships and betrayals spawn and rot every round with a new humorous event plaguing the battlefield.

Released as a packaged game in 2005 and a print-and-play game in 2008, Lomby Zombie has welcomed new players and is ready to expand with Lomby Zombie: Corporate Stiff. Players will once again fend off hordes of zombies, but this time the fight will be vertical with several story buildings needing to be combed through. New events, new places, and a few other surprises are ready to leap out from around the corner.

You can find out more about the game and see what others are saying over at the Lomby Zombie page on BoardGameGeek.com. If you are ready to experience the game yourself, head over to WarGameDownloads and pick up a print-and-play copy. Or keep tabs on LZ: Corporate Stiffs development over on John's Project Log.

Download and print additional character and zombie master sheets or flip through some of our artwork.